On July 13, 2018, The Pamoja Community Library & Center was opened in Tigania West, Kenya. This is the first library in the area and the community is extremely excited about the many opportunities this represents especially for the children and youth. Thousands of residents here now have access to books, newspapers, computers and a wide range of literacy and education programs we will be rolling out to include:

  • PamojaStorytime: Read-aloud sessions, which are proven vital components for literacy development. These will be carried out daily by library staff and volunteers, as well as by and among the children and youth themselves. Stories will be told in any relevant language.
  • PamojaBookClub: Age and interest-based reading clubs where members chose a book of interest to read every month and hold discussion forums at the end of the month. This will be facilitated by readers and volunteer staff.
  • PamojaEssayWar: Once a term, an essay competition will be held and gifts awarded to the top 3 finalists. The library will collaborate with local primary and secondary schools and teachers for participation.
  • PamojaMentorship: To address psychosocial support and life skills training needs of vulnerable youth, we will partner with students from local colleges and establish a mentorship program.
  • PamojaCreative: A visual arts training program that will serve as a means to encourage creativity and self-expression among the youth. Participants will have an opportunity to develop their talents and showcase their artwork in local exhibitions.
  • Pamojaiconnect: This program will allow users to register for training in basic computer skills. They will also have access the computer center in the library to help build their writing, typing, and logical skills. This will also connect users to online communities.
  • PamojaSTEM: To promote and encourage a focus in math, sciences, and technology, we will have a quarterly exhibit where students will showcase their innovations. Selected winners will be granted a monetary reward and an opportunity to intern with a local firm. Girls especially will be encouraged to participate.